THE TECHNOLOGY of odor neutralization and air disinfection

How does the technology of odor neutralization and air disinfection by means of ionization work? For everyone who would like to know more about it.


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The role model of this principle is a completely natural process:

The sun produces measurably between 500 and 1000 positive and negative small ions per cm³ in the ambient air (at 430m above sea level), about the same number as we can reproduce with the coronary discharge in a “human” way with an electron tube. Even lightning during a thunderstorm is nothing more than electrical discharges that generate high concentrations of ions.

Due to the coronary discharges generated with a voltage of 1000 to 2700 volts and 50 to 25,000 Hz, we generate mostly approx. 50,000 to 200,000 negative small ions per cubic centimeter at a distance of 2 cm from the producing ionization surface. These decrease to the third power of the distance and enable us, depending on the installation density, to allow between 500 and 2000 small ions per cm³ of air to flow into the space provided.

Oxygen ions are generated as oxidizing agents and the oxidation of the organic odorous substances / aerosols leads to the environmentally friendly products CO² and H²O.

The generation of highly concentrated and harmful ozone is avoided if possible or, if necessary, broken down again after use. This means that our odor neutralization and air disinfection technology remains safe for flora and fauna.
The generated negative ions inactivate germs, viruses and bacteria and break down odor molecules sustainably. Our technology uses these effects specifically for you.

Technologie Geruchsneutralisation - Blitz

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Oxygen from the air is activated along the tube and ions are generated.

Technologie Geruchsneutralisation - Ionisationsröhre

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Technologie Geruchsneutralisation - Ionenbindung

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Unwanted particles such as dust, bacteria, smoke, VOCs, mold spores, allergens and other air pollutants are attracted to the ions.

The ions bind to the pollutants and neutralize them.

Charged particles attract each other and form groupings that become heavy enough to sink to the bottom.

Technologie Geruchsneutralisation - Schadstoffneutralisation

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The respective conditions on site, such as the cubature, the desired effect, the number of ions generated (depending on the number and type of device and tube), but also the personal perception of the user, require fine adjustment of the device (s).

There are two possible solutions for this, either conveniently using a sensor (automatically) or using a step switch (manual). This in turn depends on the application, but also on other factors such as the budget.

The sensor, which is positioned at the desired destination, measures the strength of the polluted air and the number of ions still present in the room, and automatically adjusts the generation of activated oxygen. This is mostly used in ventilation ducts, in which the outflowing air is regulated, but also in small devices that work as stand-alone. Nothing else needs to be done by the user here and you can sit back and enjoy the result.

The second variant is the manual, step switch, which also offers some advantages. Here you can adjust the intensity of the ions according to your own needs. One thing is very important for this: your own nose!

We distinguish between three different setting levels:

Adjustment ion concentration

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Too little ions are formed in this area, which are required to neutralize odors and disinfect the air. You can smell this by still having an unpleasant smell.


Too many ions are currently being formed. You can smell this by smelling a little like a swimming pool (slight smell of chlorine). You should regulate something back here.


Here you are in the perfect area. There is no unpleasant smell of odors, nor do you smell the excessively generated ions. The device (s) is / are perfectly matched to your circumstances.

Which area you are in and what you find comfortable is a personal matter.

Here’s a little tip:

If you should adjust the controller, you have to wait at least 1 hour until the desired effect appears. You have to give the ions time to spread and unfold throughout space. Take another sniff and then re-evaluate whether it needs to be readjusted again.

We recommend making this setting during commissioning and then keeping it for the future. Start at the maximum level and gradually adjust something back.

If you are already at the maximum level, but you still feel that you are in the underionized area, the device type or the number of ionization tubes is not correctly designed for your circumstances. You can prevent this by consulting us in advance. Our professionals are very familiar with the technology of odor neutralization and air disinfection and can advise you competently, tailor-made for your purposes.


It is not uncommon for our devices to run for 30 years or more. But what might that be? The answer is pretty simple. It is a combination of robust construction, high-quality components and, of course, provided that you take care of your device (s).

One of our strengths is the maintenance of equipment and systems. We would be happy to come to you at regular intervals and ensure that you can continue to enjoy the technology of odor neutralization and air disinfection for a long time. The effect is thus permanently retained.



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A high number of ions, which are increasingly found in flowing water or in the forest, is important for our general well-being. Therefore one is more concentrated and energetic in such places. Unfortunately, the number of ions required in closed rooms and vehicles is usually not always sufficient. Ventilating the office is time-consuming and not always possible.

If the ion concentration falls below 100 / cm³, this can already lead to mental impairments such as: headaches, poor concentration and tiredness – signs of the “sick building syndrome”. We counteract this so that you can feel relaxed again.


“This phenomenon was discovered by Albert Einstein and his colleague Conrad Habicht already in 1910 and they dealt extensively with the electrophysical phenomena of pure air.

Based on a theory of Einstein, Habicht built a highly sensitive measuring device: the potential multiplier to measure these air-electric phenomena.” ()

The ionization tube used by the industry today is based on the original electron tube developed by Werner von Siemens in 1857.

Einstein with Habicht and Solovine

Picture 7 (Habicht, Solovine, Einstein (1903, from left))

The positive effects on living things from negative ions have been researched and literarily documented over the years by many more universities and scientists. Here you can find the link to a scientific report:

On request, we can also provide you with further reports that prove the effectiveness of our devices.

Our customers already include many public institutions such as universities, sewage treatment plants or hospitals, to name just a few. One more reason to trust the technology.


The way it works is based on physical laws and reactions and is not always easy to understand. We understand that!

So if you have any unanswered questions about the technology of odor neutralization and air disinfection, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to explain it to you again personally.



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