ARS Disinfection devices

The disinfection devices from Air Repair Services are small, compact, but very powerful ionizing devices. They can be installed anywhere at the destination, are also extremely energy-efficient and easy to maintain. They neutralize smells from fish, cheese, mixed smells from the kitchen, musty smells, tobacco smells, etc. extremely reliably. The white powder coating is visually appealing and provides splash and therefore corrosion protection.

LEDs indicate that the device is ready. If the device is defective, the LED goes out, signaling a malfunction.

Ideal for:
Technical details:
  • Mounting options: wall, ceiling, hanging, lying
  • Attractive design
  • Easy to use
  • Low energy consumption. Between 1.5 – 10W (depending on the version)
  • Light weight
Mini-C Geraete
Available in the following versions:
  • Mini-A
  • Mini-C (white and stainless steel)
  • 4-D
  • 4-E / 4-E2
  • 4-F