Built-in elements

It often happens that the air in various rooms is used up after a few intensive conferences, or that some rooms even give off their own fragrance. Unfortunately, there is not always a window nearby that can be opened. With a bit of luck there will be a ventilation system, but it only helps to a limited extent. This is where the built-in elements come into play, as they know how to make good use of the available resources.

They do their work in a barely visible and discreet way by installing them in existing or new ventilation systems and the ions are carried along by the air flow and distributed at the destination. So you can get the maximum out of success with very little effort and the air quality is noticeably improved. At the same time, the sick leave noticeably decreases, as the ions are extremely effective against germs, viruses and pollen and also neutralize them.

Ideal for:
Technical details:
  • Device selection depending on the installation situation and duct depth
  • Can be equipped with a sensor -> self-regulation
  • Or be controlled centrally with an external controller
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low maintenance
ARS 50-F5

Example: 50-F5

The following versions are available: (depending on the channel depth)