Your company, your workshops or your storage rooms have a ventilation system or a centrally controlled air conditioning system and you would like to integrate an air disinfection and treatment solution into the existing system? With the aerotron line from Bioclimatic, we offer you a tailor-made solution for simple and cost-effective installation in existing and new systems. The built-in devices can be dimensioned exactly as you need them for your purpose.

The natural processes of air ionization ensure fresh, clean air; many germs, molds and bacteria are immediately inactivated. The simple installation in the existing system reduces the costs noticeably. aerotron is suitable for installation in ventilation ducts and air conditioning systems. We deliver the installation kit complete with mounting plate, generator housing and exactly the number of ionization tubes you need. It is controlled either via an integrated controller directly on the device or via a separate controller. This solution enables easy access for otherwise hard-to-reach ionizing devices, and it is also possible to control several ionizing devices at the same time via one controller.

Bioclimatic Produktgruppe Aerotron
Ideal for:
  • Offices
  • Public buildings such as shopping malls
  • Museums etc.
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
Technical Details:
  • Versatile installation (channel or monoblock)
  • Variable tube equipment for air volume flow and duct size
  • Can be retrofitted into existing HVAC systems
  • Various control options (including sensor-controlled automatic control)
  • Low pressure drop
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low maintenance