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Coronavirus - our daily companion

The topic of Corona has become a long-running discussion around the world since the beginning of 2020 and we are confronted with this threat on a daily basis. Even if the topic is very controversial, it cannot be dismissed out of hand that Corona exists and that we have to protect ourselves from it. Here it is up to each individual to take responsibility for themselves, their loved ones and their fellow human beings.
But how can we minimize the risk of infection and prevent worse? We currently have various instruments at our disposal that are recommended or even prescribed by the BAG if necessary:

Kills SARS-CoV-2

The distance rules, working from home or distance learning in particular cause many problems because the necessary infrastructure is missing. In general, the negative influences on our everyday life are enormous and demand a lot from us. But even if we have already persevered for a long time, we have not yet survived and are already facing the next problems:

What else can we do?

But is that already done? What about places where we have to be every day and cannot escape the invisible danger? Workplaces, offices, classrooms, public transport, public buildings, in vehicles, etc.
Wherever we are in closed rooms, the risk of infection is increased many times over.
In Germany, the Federal Environment Agency has already realized on the basis of various studies by well-known scientists and institutes that forced ventilation in closed rooms minimizes the potential for contamination, but is either not always feasible depending on the circumstances or is not completely sufficient. Therefore, supplementary air purifiers are recommended and, for example, financially subsidized in schools, which make life difficult for Corona.

Our air purifiers make a major contribution to combating this. Of course, we have all effectiveness tests as well as clearance certificates from the manufacturers. With our ionization devices and systems, the risk of infection from corona can be reduced to a minimum in closed rooms. The diverse application possibilities range from stand-alone devices to built-in devices in air conditioning systems and can be used almost anywhere. The great advantage of ionization is that the viruses are killed in the long term, while the indoor climate and the well-being of humans and animals remain the same. The ions are distributed throughout the room and work reliably into the furthest corner of the room, and therefore not only clean the air that is drawn through the device.

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